Monday, March 11, 2024

First Listen: New Releases for 1 March 2024

Artist: ScHoolboy Q
Quick Thoughts: I'm like a lot of people where I got on board with Q thanks to "Druggys WitH Hoes Again" and "Hands on the Wheel," and his latest is still high quality and cements him as one of the more underrated rappers currently working. Lots of great tracks here, and one of the better rap albums of the year thus far.
Songs of Note: "Pop," "THank god 4 me," "Yeern 101," "Pig feet," "Foux"

Artist: Faye Webster
Album: Underdressed at the Symphony
Quick Thoughts: Faye Webster has a delivery that always catches me off-guard. Her voice floats above the music, which gives a timeless quality to her sound that's missing from even some of the best retro acts. "He Loves Me Yeah!" is an earworm and a half, and the title track is a real highlight, but there's a ton of great stuff in here in a busy week. Check it out.
Songs of Note: "Wanna Quit All the Time," "Lego Ring," "Lifetime," "He Loves Me Yeah!," "Underdressed at the Symphony"

Artist: Woody Woodworth & the Piners
Album: Rebels & Dreamers
Quick Thoughts: Woody Woodworth is a new artist to me, and this is a pure Americana record across the board. Sometimes, like with "Bastards" and "Flag on the Highway," you get some real Jason Isbell vibes, and other songs feel much more like classic country, up to and including the version of "In the Pines." A great listen, especially for fans of the more rootsy stuff.
Songs of Note: "Wild Ones," "Progress," "Country Ain't Country," "Bastards," "Flag on the Highway," "In the Pines," "Song I Wished I Wrote"

Quick Thoughts: This is a loud, abrasive, and addictive record. Bricklayer is a sort of thrashy, sort of dance-punky band out of Boston that definitely has a favorite from this week. "Cig Race" and "Gay Breakfast" are both solid tracks, and this is the sort of album that could break big. Check it out.
Songs of Note: "Cig Race," "Bloodsucker," "Detach," "Sticky Fingers," "Gay Breakfast"

Artist: Yard Act
Album: Where's My Utopia?
Quick Thoughts: I loved Yard Act's last album, an impressive slice of polished indie rock. Somehow, Where's My Utopia improves on the concept with some great hooks and a leveled-up sound. "We Make Hits" indeed.
Songs of Note: "We Make Hits," "When the Laughter Stops"

Artist: Liam Gallagher & John Squire
Album: Liam Gallagher & John Squire
Quick Thoughts: On the Oasis conflict, I'm still Team Noel, but I have a grudging acceptance that Liam Gallagher has a strong frontman charisma that makes efforts like this, with John Squire of The Stone Roses, that much more appealing. More, the album feels like it could go off the rails at times, but ultimately stays on course in a way that feels more rollicking than risky. I really enjoyed this listen on a whole, worth checking out.
Songs of Note: "Raise Your Hands," "Mars to Liverpool," "One Day at a Time," "Make It Up As You Go Along," "You're Not the Only One," "Mother Nature's Song"

Artist: Willow Avalon
Album: Stranger
Quick Thoughts: This EP was *very* anticipated for me, as I became addicted to "Drivin'" during the pandemic. The full record, launched after a bad major label deal and an indie bet on herself, is rootsy and mature beyond its years, with song after song after song that just put the work in. Whether barroom singalongs or hook-laden radio-friendly singles, there's something here that's worth hearing. Absolutely a stellar release this week.
Songs of Note: "Gettin' Rich, Goin' Broke," "Honey Ain't No Sweeter," "Stranger," "The News," "Drivin"

Of note:

* ivy sinthetic - meaningless off-screen death (Fun little indie record with a number of great highlights.)
* Mourn - The Avoider (A solid entry from a blog favorite.)
* Kaiser Chiefs - Kaiser Chiefs' Easy Eighth Album
* The Vovos - Lilla Gubben
* verity den - verity den
* Laena Myers - LUV (Songs of Yesterday)
* Hannah Frances - Keeper of the Shepherd
* Washing Machina - The Spontaneous Splendid
* Carne Doce - Carere
* Sheer Mag - Playing Favorites
* Sarasara - Elixir
* Abby Sage - The Rot
* Ben Frost - Scope Neglect
* Daniel Romano - Too Hot to Sleep
* Coco - 2
* Patrick Brommer and John Lapwing - The Solar System
* oogie - phew
* Uranium Club - Infants Under the Bulb
* Bull - Engines of Honey
* Michael A. Muller - Mirror Music
* Chad Crouch - Frenchman's Bar Soundwalk
* Shane Palko - The Future Already Happened
* DJ Moves - Pam Grier's Step Kids
* Julian Lage - Speak to Me
* Another Sky - Beach Day
* Jynx716 and Che Noir - ANDY
* The Narcotix - Dying
* Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven
* Punchlove - Channels
* Text Chunk - freak:zones (i)
* Everything Everything - Mountainhead
* Obscura Hall - Playing Dead
* Diamond Day - Connect the Dots
* Pissed Jeans - Half Divorced
* Caravan Palace - Gangbusters Melody Club
* Bobbie Lovesong - Shadow of a Cloud
* Kontravoid - Detachment
* Nils Frahm - Day
* Jacob Collier - Djesse Vol. 4
* Hanne Kolsto - E det berre mej


* Her New Knife - nightcore+++
* porch kiss - fort stevens 2006
* Oneohtrix Point Never - Ambients
* Sarah P. - Y14
* Computer Station - Froggystyle
* Coco Bryce/Tim Reaper - MYORFR001
* Chloe George - A Cheetah Hunting in Slow Motion
* the neverminds - nevermind, the winter

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* LP Giobbi x Insomnniac Records Presents Femme House Vol. 2

Also out:

* Bronnie - Jaded
* Brynn Cartelli - OUT OF THE BLUE

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