Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Magana - "Break Free"

One way to be sure I listen to an artist's music is to describe it as "Witchy Rock" or "Ghost Pop." To keep me listening, make it as good as Magana's latest release. "Break Free" is a little more rock based than the synth heavy "Girl In Chains," but there is still plenty of synth goodness in this new song. "Break Free" is a hypnotic track driven by Jeni Maga
ña's entrancing vocals, and a swirling guitar solo. Magana have crafted a song that feels like you're having a spell put on you, and leaves you thrilled for whatever the results end up being. Magana is one of those artists that snuck up on us from out of nowhere, but is quickly becoming a favorite.

Jeni Magaña says of her latest single:

"I started this song as a small loop, and ended up stretching it out to incorporate some words and other musical elements that felt important. I thought a song about feeling trapped in a loop, unable to break free unless you are able to change yourself, would be a perfect lyric match to the building pressures and repetitive chords in the music." 

You can listen to "Break Free" below. Teeth is due out March 25 on Audio Antihero Records, and can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp. For more on Magana, check out the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

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