Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Pepe Deluxé - "Everybody Is"

Pepe Deluxé 
is the musical project of New York's Paul Malmström and Helsinki's James Spectrum. The pair first formed in 1996 and combined Northern Soul and late 90's UK electronica. Their latest single, "Everybody Is," features Finnish-Swedish singer Charlotte Kerbs on vocals, and it's an absolute glorious mixture of soul and electronic music. It's reminding me a lot of my favorite 90's DJ mixtapes and has a very strong mash-up quality with the two genres being blended together. If you're into modern soul or electronic music, "Everybody Is" will be perfect for you. If you love both sounds, this is going to be your idea of heaven.

The band describe their latest song:

“A song about the universal human dance between ambition and uncertainty.”

You can listen to "Everybody Is" below. Comix Sonix is due out June 21 on Catskills Records. For more on Pepe Deluxé, check out the artist's website.

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