Friday, March 29, 2024

AlphaSix - "Orphan! Tether to the Mother"

Photo courtesy AlphaSix

We're hardly a haven for heavy music, but I was a child of the 80's and 90's, so my tastes can wander into heavier territory every so often. And if you're going to label your music as "Lovecraftian sci-fi horror metal," I'm at least going to check it out. That's where AlphaSix comes in. The Boston metal trio released a new song today called "Orphan! Tether to the Mother" that's infinitely heavier than anything we typically bring you. But, you know what? Turns out this is great. It's just pure pummeling chaos that doesn't relent for four minutes and twenty-one seconds. Playing AlphaSix will make you realize just how boring, repetitive, and just non-metal most metal is these days. "Orphan! Tether to the Mother" takes most popular metal bands and destroys them through being a monstrosity. 

AlphaSix say of their latest single:

“We’re steering into heavier territory for this chapter, while still maintaining the diversity of styles we have developed playing music together over the years. We’re going for relentless grooves and high intensity with abrasive vocals, dynamic guitarwork, and hints of experimental deviations.”

You can listen to "Orphan! Tether to the Mother" below. Assimilate: Oceans is due out later this year. For more on AlphaSix, check out the band's website.

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