Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Psychosomatic Cover Creedence Clearwater Revival

Photo by Scott Duncan

Punk rock covers of Creedence Clearwater Revival are standard at this point, and it's usually "Fortunate Son" that gets the punk treatment. Psychosomatic go in another direction with their CCR cover and take on "Green River." It's a surprisingly faithful cover as far as harder and faster covers go. The trademark guitar lick is still there, just faster. Plus, Psychosomatic are thrashier than most punk bands, and that comes through with their version of "Green River." Unlike most covers from the genre, there isn't a sense of mockery or irony here. You can tell Psychosomatic are doing this song out of a sense of fandom.

Frontman Jeff Salgado says of the band's new song:

“We recorded this track in 2006 during sessions for The Unquenchable Thirst. It was a bonus track we never released, so we had the original engineer Joe Johnston from Pus Cavern in Sac remix it in 2023. We were big Creedence Clearwater Revival fans and wanted to try ‘Green River’ with a punk rock twist. Hope you all like it!”

You can listen to Psychosomatic's version of "Green River" below. The song will be included on NEF100: Burn After Hearing, which celebrates Nefarious Industries' one hundredth release. The compilation is due out June 14 and can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp. For more on Psychosomatic, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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