Friday, March 8, 2024

Friday Freebie: Death and The Poetess - Potions of Pre-villainy

One of the other highlights of the annual RPM Challenge is the submission from Death and The Poetess. The duo of Blake Girndt (ex-Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys, currently The I Want You and AxeMunkee) and jojo Lazar (Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys and Burlesque Poetess) have released Potions of Pre-villainy. The six songs on the album make up Death and The Poetess' most cohesive collection yet. The songs are odd, of course, but in such an endearing way. The songs fit together in a way that seems to follow a story, even if you're not one to pay too close attention to the lyrics. There is a strong reason behind that, which jojo Lazar explains in the album's Bandcamp description:

"I suggested the idea of a dark, high fantasy, magical-realist 1980s film soundtrack for an as of yet untold tale. This was just to begin filling the "imagination cauldron" as we set out to find/receive this record.

"I had some combination of Labyrinth, Legend, Willow, The Princess Bride, and Blade Runner both musically and narratively in mind.

"Each song told us who they were and what they had to express. In some tunes we used seed lyrics from brilliant poet-writers Thomas Hardy, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and Alex Michaelides. (Otherwise they are original lyrics.) We used quoted poetry in collage/cento form, and sometimes with some re-ordering."

You can listen to "The Self-Unseeing" below. Potions of Pre-villainy is available for the "name your price" option via Bandcamp. If you do choose free, be sure to give Death and The Poetess a follow on Facebook.

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