Friday, March 1, 2024

The Roland High Life featuring Indoor Friends - "Oh Dolours"

Photo via Facebook

The latest from Boston's The Roland High Life came to us with a question: "What if Weezer wrote a song about the women of the IRA?" That basically sums up "Oh Dolours." The new single is a power ballad featuring Indoor Friends on vocals that definitely cranks up the power side of the genre. It has an extremely sentimental side to it while still straight up rocking out. I'm personally hearing more Fountains of Wayne than Weezer, but that could just be me. (Especially since early Fountains of Wayne reviews mostly said they were trying to out-Weezer Weezer...) Given the subject matter, there's also a hint of Irish music in "Oh Dolours," naturally.

The band says of their new single:

"'Oh Dolours' is an ode to Dolours Price, a radical feminist and volunteer in the Irish Republican Army. It's an exploration of the sacrifices people make in the name of liberation, and what kinds of compromises are actually worth the cost — particularly for women, who face sexist double standards even in militant resistance. We recruited the singers from Indoor Friends to join us in the third verse, to emphasize the role of women's voices in the radical narrative."

You can watch the video for "Oh Dolours" below. For more on The Roland High Life, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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