Thursday, March 7, 2024

Cor de Lux - "Nail Biter"

Photo by Grayson Simon

Cor de Lux is a band out of North Carolina with a sound described as "a mixture of post-punk, goth-tinged pop and shoegaze." If you're wondering what that sounds like, their latest single, "Nail Biter," fits that description perfectly. It has that post-punk experimentation side that reminds me of early Sonic Youth, particularly their more spoken word songs. It has the darkness of goth, but the fun of pop. Yes, that's possible. And the whole thing is awash in the fuzz of shoegaze. Cor de Lux have created a sound truly all their own that lives in both the worlds of experimental music and pop.

In a press release, Cor de Lux say of their new single:

"The song came from Dawn (guitar/vox) playing the main riff on a bass guitar and Tim (guitar/vox) discovering this harmonic-only guitar line. That created an anxious energy and the "nail biter" premise fell into place after that. Dawn sings the vocals in a super playful way that started as a joke but we all ended up loving the delivery. This song has been a great template as we’ve written new songs and aligns with the less self-serious tone we’re taking in our new music."

You can listen to "Nail Biter" below. For more on Cor de Lux, check out the band on Instagram.

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