Monday, March 4, 2024

Winston Hightower - "Insubordination Rules"

Columbus, OH's Winston Hightower has recorded over one hundred songs since 2015, but has yet to release an official album yet. (He's also been a professional skater and a touring guitarist/bassist with hardcore groups Minority Threat and Twompsax.) That will change in May when he releases Winston Hytwr. The album will be released by K Records, which works perfectly with the sound of the first single. "Insubordination Rules" has a certain DIY sound that is both a 90's throwback and modern. To me it has a Sebadoh meets Beat Happening thing going on. (And by Sebadoh I mean pretty much all eras of Sebadoh, if that is possible.) "Insubordination Rules" is the kind of song that is sure to create many superfans of Hightower, as this is the type of musician that will only have superfans. 

You can listen to "Insubordination Rules" below. Winston Hytwr is due out May 31 on K Records and Perennial Records, and is available for pre-order through Bandcamp. For more on Winston Hightower, check out the artist on Instagram.

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