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First Listen: New Releases for 8 and 15 March 2024

Artist: Kim Gordon
Album: The Collective
Quick Thoughts: Someone on Twitter said that Kim won the divorce re: the breakup of Sonic Youth, and it's really really hard not to listen to The Collective and disagree. Someone who turns 71 this year should not be making music this interesting and this far off the beaten trap and making it work. "BYE BYE" is having its moment on social media for sure, but the industrial-esque pseudo-trap feel of this whole package is just stunning both in its scope and its musicality. This isn't going to work for everybody, not that Sonic Youth ever did, but wow, this album.
Songs of Note: "BYE BYE," "The Believers," "The Candy House," "Dream Dollar"

Artist: Weezy Ford
Album: In the Movement
Quick Thoughts: Outside of The Barbaras, we haven't heard from either of the Ford sisters in a few years, and Weezy Ford's second full-length album is a really gorgeous slice of retro roots. It's a great listen with catchy as hell songs and earworms from start to finish. Don't miss out on this one if you like this sort of thing, it has a real sincere and authentic feel.
Songs of Note: "Talkin bout that Wind," "Coloraizer," "All the Ways," "What Is It I Desire"

Artist: Torrey
Album: Torrey
Quick Thoughts: This is a gorgeous little shoegazey alt-rock record that really did the trick for me. A lot of really solid moments throughout with songs like "Rain" that stay with you. Not a ton to say about it, but doesn't deserve to be overlooked.
Songs of Note: "Rain," "No Matter How," "Hawaii," "Pop Song," "Happy You Exist"

Artist: junodream
Album: Pools of Colour
Quick Thoughts: One we missed from earlier this year, junodream isn't reinventing the wheel in any way, but songs like "Death Drive" grabbed me and would not let me go. Real Ambulance Ltd. vibes from this act, check them out.
Songs of Note: "Fever Dream," "Death Drive," "Close Encounters," "Kitchen Sink Drama," "The Oranges"

Artist: Kacey Musgraves
Album: Deeper Well
Quick Thoughts: The anti-country country artist is back with a more folky-type piece, and it's likely her strongest since Golden Hour. Sure, she sings about her gravity bong and has a whole song called "Anime Eyes," but she is just so good at this in an appealing way despite her tack toward the mainstream. I loved this.
Songs of Note: "Cardinal," "Deeper Well," "Giver / Taker," "Dinner With Friends," "Heart of the Woods," "Jade Green," "Anime Eyes"

Artist: Night Club
Album: Masochist
Quick Thoughts: Another one I wanted to highlight this week, as it's sort of a gothy rock/punk record that won't work for everyone but gave me real Bauhaus vibes. Take some time for this one, you'll know fairly quickly whether or not it's for you.
Songs of Note: "Barbwire Kiss," "Crime Scene," "Night Club," "Everybody Knows"

Artist: Dancer
Album: 10 Songs I Hate About You
Quick Thoughts: Loved this indie record that's ten quick hits of smart, witty music. Plus, any time an album can namecheck Deanna Troi, you have to give it credit. A really solid listen that comes to use fully formed.
Songs of Note: "Change," "Troi," "Rein It In"

Artist: Bats
Album: Good Game Baby
Quick Thoughts: Another missed one from the beginning of the year and it's probably one of the better listens as of late. "Going for Oysters" is an immediate winner, but Bats has the sort of early-aughts indie feel that's a little bit country and a little bit rock. It doesn't take itself terribly seriously, while at the same time being a serious contender of a new favorite act. A mandatory listen.
Songs of Note: "Going for Oysters," "Downtown sucks you can't part anymore," "Oh My God," "Are You Like Me?," "Heart Container"

Artist: Meatbodies
Album: Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom
Quick Thoughts: Wanted to highlight this one in particular, a fun indie/punkish fuzz-drenched effort with a lot going for it. If you like the more alt-rock side of things we like here, make some time in the busy week/
Songs of Note: "Hole," "Psychic Garden," "Gate"

Of note:

* Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine (Surprisingly straightforward pop record.)
* Bolis Pupul - Letter to Yu (Fascinating electronic effort.)
* Donna Blue - Into the Realm of Love (Best aesthetic of the year so far.)
* Four Tet - Three (In case you forgot that Four Tet is responsible for some of the best electronic/ambient music out there...)
* Yin Yin - Mount Matsu (Solid Thai-influenced psych music.)
* Anja Huwe - Codes
* The Dandy Warhols - ROCKMAKER
* Guilfer - Third Wind
* Mia Dyson - Tender Heart
* Flo Milli - Fine Ho, Stay
* Erika Angell - The Obsession With Her Voice
* Aerial East - Talking to Myself
* Gouge Away - Deep Sage
* topographies - Interior Spring
* Tosser - Sheer Humanity
* Fast Eddy - To the Stars
* Bedbug - pack your bags the sun is growing
* Spose - What could Go Wrong?
* Alison Cotton - Engelchen
* Eyesore and The Jinx - Jitterbug
* Milez Grimez - 13K
* Mad Caddies - Arrow Room 117
* Hill View #73 - night time is the grace period
* crushed - extra life
* Earth Flower - Earth Flower
* Elcamino - The Game is the Game
* Chad Crouch - Old Salmon River Trail Soundwalk
* Brother Dege - Aurora
* Astrel K - The Foreign Department
* The Hanging Stars - On a Golden Shore
* gum.mp3 - Black Life, Red Planet
* Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Open Me, A High Consciousness of Sound and Spirit
* foamboy - Eating Me Alive
* Bleachers - Bleachers
*- Choncy - 20X MULTIPLIER
* AC Sapphire - December 32nd
* The Rhythm Method - Peachy
* Norah Jones - Visions
* Tomato Flower - No
* Moor Mother - The Great Bailout
* Joe Pug - Sketch of a Promised Departure
* Ghost Work - Light a Candle for the Lonely
* Kinbrae - Cryptophaia
* Keaper - Waking Dream
* Ella Ronen - The Girl With No Skin
* Discovery Zone - Quantum Web
* The Northern Belle - Bats in the Attic
* Lisa Bastoni - On the Water
* Jae Skeeze - Testament of the Times
* Powerwasher - Everyone Laughs
* Rose Droll - With Strangers
* Matt Maltese - Songs That Aren't Mine
* Rachel Ana Dobken - Acceptance
* GHLOW - Levitate


* CocoRosie - Elevator Angels
* Wayfinder - Losing Time
* Library Card - Nothing, Interesting
* Lake Haze - Memphis Tome of Occult Instrumentals
* Yoo Doo Right - The Sacred Fuck EP
* Sweet Puill - Starchild
* Siobhan Wilson - Flowercore Vol. 1
* Wonder Women of Country - Willis, Carper, Leigh
* Dominic Angelella - Move Out of America
* Canyons and Locusts - The Red Angel
* Pye Corner Audio - Acid 2
* Sister Wife Sex Strike - Pre-Op
* oedipus apartment complex - Original Soundtrack, Pt. II
* Holly Humberstone - Work in Progress
* Sleater-Kinney - Frayed Rope Sessions
* Hannah Laing - Triple F
* Maggie Lindemann - HADSPLIT
* The Klittens - Butter
* Valencia Grace - Roses
* Muggs Fogarty - No Mistake


* Air - Moon Safari Rarities (25th Anniversary Edition)

Also out:

* The Black Crowes - Happiness Bastards
* Violent Magic Orchestra - DEATH RAVE
* Tierra Whack - World Wide Whack
* David Leon - Bird's Eye

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