Friday, March 1, 2024

The Amplifier Heads featuring Barrence Whitfield - "They Came to Rock"

The Amplifier Heads have a new album due next month that's also a rock opera about an alien invasion. The first single sees the Boston band join forces with Barrence Whitfield, so we simply can't resist this one. "They Came to Rock" is a groovy and swinging garage rock song that is going to work for anyone that enjoys music that is just fun. And that's what this song is. Any song called "They Came to Rock" better be fun, and The Amplifier Heads break out the horns to insure that. Plus, Whitfield might be the most underappreciated vocalist in all of Boston. The man has a truly powerful voice that is just meant to provide a good time. This might be the best pairing in all of the Boston music scene this year.

Sal Baglio says of his band's new single:

Songs From They Came To Rock is a soundtrack record and I felt that it should have different voices besides my own for various tracks. Barrence Whitfield was the only artist I thought of for singing the title track. Barrence is a brilliant instinctual artist and his interpretation of the song kicked it up and out of this stratosphere."

You can listen to "They Came to Rock" below. Songs from They Came to Rock is due out April 5 on Rum Bar Records. For more on The Amplifier Heads, check out the band's website.

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