Thursday, September 2, 2021

Izzie Walsh - "Jimmy"

Hearing her new song, you'd never guess that Izzie Walsh is from the UK. "Jimmy" sounds like a purely American song. It combines folk and country with some straight up rock. In fact, it rocks much harder than anything you'd expect from the worlds of folk and country. It's reminding me a lot of if Concrete Blonde were somehow both more rock and country at the same time. It's an endlessly catchy song with Walsh just belting it out with a voice that is both comfortingly familiar and unique at the same time.

In a press release, Izzie Walsh explains the new song: "...the title is named after that one dodgy guy in the pub who everyone knows to stay well away from regardless of his initial charisma. This song is a fun experimental track for me exploring my more electric side and quirky story telling."

You can listen to "Jimmy" below. Ideals is due out September 17. For more on Izzie Walsh, check out the artist's website.

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