Friday, September 10, 2021

El Da Sensei & Jake Palumbo - "Blast Off!!!"

If you're going to name a hip hop song "Blast Off!!!," it better be a party song. New Jersey's El Da Sensei and Brooklyn producer/MC Jake Palumbo apparently agree since "Blast Off!!!" is a party just waiting to happen. Seeing as El Da Sensei has been around for over twenty five years, this doesn't just sound old school, it is classic hip hop. This is the kind of song that dominated hip hop in the early 90's, just as underground hip hop poked its way into the mainstream. Maybe it's just the piano, but it gives me Digital Underground "Same Song" vibes. If you long for classic hip hop, this one is made for you.

You can watch the video for "Blast Off!!!" below. Solving Cases is due out September 24. For more on El Da Sensei, check out his Facebook and Twitter. For more on Jake Palumbo, check out him on both Facebook and Twitter.

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