Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Steph Green - "Next Place"

Photo by Costello.

Steph Green came to our attention since she played steel guitar on Pony Hunt's "That Feelin'" earlier this year. We love that song (and Pony Hunt's album), so of course we're going to check out Steph Green's solo work! "Next Place" has some similarities to Pony Hunt. They both have a little bit of a crooner meets modern indie vibe to them, but while Pony Hunt goes a little more on the folk side, Green goes more 90's indie rock. Green's vocal delivery on "Next Place" has this wonderfully odd mixture of doo wop meets slacker. Musically the song has crunching slacker guitars that are just slightly off kilter. The whole thing feels like a band like Pavement being fronted by Julia Jacklin or Molly Burch.

You can watch the video for "Next Place" below. Thanks for That is due out January 14 on Mashed Potato Records. For more on Steph Green, check out the artist's website.

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