Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Nightwatchers - "Their Turn Trying to Rule the World"

French punks Nightwatchers are back with another highly politically charged single. "Their Turn Trying to Rule the World" is the most melodic we've heard Nightwatchers sound to date, but the melody doesn't take away from the edge in the song. It's a driving punk track that edges its way into post punk while still being straight up punk. It's like Against Me! jamming with Gang of Four, which is pretty much as great as you think it would be. It's the kind of song you can dance, pogo, and pump your fist to, all at once.

In a press release, Julien Virgos (vocals and guitars) says of the new song:

"'Their Turn Trying to Rule the World' tackles the Senate report that inspired the brand new French law against 'Islamist separatism.' The existence of a separatist political project is presented as a fact, without any scientific proof.”

You can listen to "Their Turn Trying to Rule the World" below. Common Crusades is due out October 8. For more on Nightwatchers, check out the band on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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