Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Little Lizard - "Crunchy"

I haven't heard a song this weird and fun in a long time. Haling from Minneapolis, Little Lizard just released "Crunchy." It's a bizarre little instrumental song that mixes sparse electronic elements via an 808 drum machine with horns, keyboards, and live bass lines. If you're of a certain age, this is going to remind you of 90's weirdo little side projects like Ad-Rock's BS 2000. This is definitely not going to be for everyone who reads this, but a lot of us are going to find this to be quite a bit of fun. I really hate using the word "quirky" because it can have some negative connotations, but it truly fits "Crunchy."

You can watch the live performance video for "Crunchy" below. The song is available now as a single via Guilt Ridden Pop. You can find it over at the band's Bandcamp. For more on Little Lizard, check out their website.

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