Tuesday, December 20, 2022

First Listen: New Releases and Missed Music for 9 December and 16 December 2022

Artist: SZA
Album: SOS
Quick Thoughts: SZA's anticipated late-year effort is pretty solid. She sits in a bit of a niche in the R&B space in that I feel like she has crossover appeal where others haven't always succeeded, but this latest album is more of the high-quality music we've come to expect. In a heavy release period, I'd recommend, but it's a great end-of-year palate cleanser.
Songs of Note: "Kill Bill," "F2F"

Artist: Marina Herlop
Album: Pripyat
Quick Thoughts: Highlighting this EP as one of my favorite electronic/ambient listens of the year even though it's only an EP. Fall in love with this one, you won't regret it.
Songs of Note: "abans abans"

Artist: Little Simz
Album: No Thank You
Quick Thoughts: Speaking of late-year efforts, Little Simz casually dropping a surprise album two weeks before the end of the year and having it be one of her best efforts yet is something. It's too late to add her to my best of the year lists, but make no mistake: this is one of the better rap albums of 2022, and it deserves your attention.
Songs of Note: "Gorilla," "Heart on Fire," "Broken"

Artist: For Tracy Hyde
Album: Hotel Insomnia
Quick Thoughts: We missed this one earlier this year, and it's basically a Japanese take on American indie rock and it's delightful. I loved song after song on this one. Check it out.
Songs of Note: "Undulate," "Estuary," "Friends,"

Of note:

* Mount Westmore - Snoop Cube 40 $Short (West Coast rap supergroup.)
* Nyx Nott - Themes From (Instrumental works from the lead singer of Arab Strap.)
* Sister Ray - Communion (Lots of great moments.)
* SAULT - Today and Tomorrow (Think if The Go! Team was a 1970s rock band. That's a good thing.)
* Todd Rundgren - Space Force (It's exactly what you expect.)
* River Tiber - Dreaming Eyes
* Finn - No More Coal
* Ullenevano - The Ghost of Reggie Lewis
* Bread Pilot - New to You
* 1 Mile North - The Sunken Nest
* Lostboycrow - Indie Pop
* Sadurn - Radiator
* Cory Branan - When I Go Ghost
* Trigger Discipline - AMERICAN GOTHICC
* Stalley - Somebody Up There Loves Me
* Szun Waves - Earth Patterns
* Silkback - K E K K A N
* Anne-F Jacques and Claire Rousay - A Very Budy Social Life
* Ransom - Chaos is My Ladder
* Sharp Class - Tales of a Teenage Mind
* Kevn Kinney - Think About It
* Radio Compass - Aloha
* 700 Bliss - Nothing to Declare
* Mount Forel - Sub Rosa Stories
* Kool G - Last of a Dying Breed
* Toeheads - A Cruel Winner's World
* Raw Poetic - Space Beyond the Solar System
* Felly - Bad Radio
* Dylan Henner - You Always Will Be


* Surf Rock is Dead - drama
* Taken by Trees - Another Year
* FIDLAR - Don't Fuck With Vol. 1
* Colleen Green - Coco's Christmas
* SUSS - Winter Was Hard
* Cheekface - Don't Ask
* Your Old Droog - YOD Presents: The Shining
* Nakhane - Leading Lines
* We Were Promised Jetpacks - A Complete One-Eighty

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* For the Birds: The Birdsong Project, Vol. 1

Also out:

* Jimmy Cliff - Refugees
* Hallelujahs - Eat Meat, Swear an Oath
* Finally Boys - Ashes in the Sea
* Sinead O Brien - Time Bend and Break the Bower
* DomTheDestroyer - The Lemonade Gang

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