Monday, December 5, 2022

Bang Camaro - "Too Fast to Fall in Love"

Photo by Maclaine Diemer

The world's #1 gang vocal rock band are back with a new song! The Boston band released Bang Camaro II way back in 2009, but just released "Too Fast to Fall in Love" last week. The Boston band have one of the most unique sounds out there. It's more than a little 80's hair/pop and thrash metal meets choral singing. "Too Fast to Fall in Love" has huge guitar solos and even bigger gang vocals throughout. It's an impossibly compelling sound that is you're either going to become obsessed with or reject. Bang Camaro are one of those bands no one is in the middle on. You either love them or hate them. But, if you're on the latter side of that, give this new one a shot. They might finally win you over, and being on the Bang Camaro bandwagon is one of the more fun ones to be on.

You can watch the video for "Too Fast to Fall in Love" below. To keep up with what Bang Camaro are up to, be sure to give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter.


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