Friday, December 23, 2022

Friday Freebie: Rebuilder - Rebuilder Christmas EP

This one may be nine years old, but we only truly discovered Rebuilder last year, and this one is free and a Christmas release, so we assume you'll be ok with it. Way back in 2013, Rebuilder released a four song Christmas EP, obviously titled Rebuilder Christmas EP. We all know what a pop punk Christmas release sounds like, and sure, Rebuilder go that way a bit, but even nine years ago Rebuilder were writing songs that are far more clever than your average pop punk song. "Antarctica" is a bittersweet Christmas song that stops just short of being a power ballad. "X-Mas PunX" is a fairly dumb loud Christmas song, but still far smarter than it should be as a dumb loud punk song. I think the true fun of the songs on Rebuilder Christmas EP is that all four songs could sneak their way into a playlist or live set throughout the year.

You can listen to "Antarctica" below. Rebuilder Christmas EP is available for the "name your price" option via Bandcamp. If you choose free, be sure to give Rebuilder a follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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