Thursday, December 22, 2022

Termanology featuring Kool G Rap - "Let Ya Glock Burst"

Lawrence, MA's Termanology has teamed with hip hop legend Kool G Rap on a brand new single. In case you didn't already assume a collaboration between these two MCs would be old school, the fact that its titled "Let Ya Glock Burst" will solidify that. The song isn't quite a throwback to the glory days of gangsta rap, or even the G-funk era. "Let Ya Glock Burst" is a modern hip hop song with its roots in the past. The piano and strings that make up the track's music are more reminiscent of late 90's Wu-Tang Clan, but there are actual scratches in the song, and that is always a welcome sound.

You can watch the video for "Let Ya Glock Burst" below. For more on Kool G Rap, check out his website. For more on Termanology, check out his Twitter.

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