Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Ken's Best of 2022 - #5: Perennial - In the Midnight Hour

Connecticut's Perennial are making punk rock that seems to be catered to me. In the Midnight Hour is impossibly fast and heavy punk rock, but it doesn't have that badass, kick-your-teeth-in sound that the genre is known for. Instead, songs like "The Skeleton Dance" and "Perennial in a Haunted House" have this bizarre indie rock aesthetic. It's a little nerdy and noisy, but most of all fun. It's nearly unheard of for music to be this loud and aggressive and still be just a blast to listen to. This isn't angry loud punk... this is fun loud punk. Plus, Perennial just groove and have some of the catchiest "Yeah yeah"s and "Yeah yeah yeah"s you'll ever hear. A song like "Lauren Bacall in Blue" even has a jazz breakdown in the middle of the song's chaos. The song is twelve songs long with the longest being 2:33, and comes in at approximately twenty one minutes... it doesn't get more indie punk than that.

Songs of note: "In the Midnight Hour," "Tooth Plus Claw," "Perennial in a Haunted House," and "Absolver"

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