Monday, December 12, 2022

Jeff's Best of 2022 - #7: Fern Maddie - Ghost Story

In a year with so many great roots/folk records, it means that some of the best stuff out there needs to do something a little different to stand out, and Fern Maddie more than meets that expectation.

Ghost Story is a full-length debut that feels stark and real in an era where it doesn't even feel like we can all agree on what "real" actually is. The effort here is one that leans into its roots in a unique way, feeling almost international in its presentation in that it feels like its from old England even though Maddie's from New England, and the result is a really gorgeous folk record with a ton going for it. Songs like "Hares on the Mountain" and "The Maid on the Shore" feel immediate and pure, and the whole record ultimately feels like it belongs.

Fern Maddie deserves more praise for one of the better albums of the year, never mind one of the better folk efforts in recent times.

Songs of note: "The Maid on the Shore," "Hares on the Mountain"

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