Thursday, December 1, 2022

Slow Fiction - "Top 10 Movie Scenes"

Today we're thrilled to bring you the new single from Brooklyn's Slow Fiction. "Top 10 Movie Scenes" is getting a lot of comparisons to the early 00's garage rock revival, and with good reasons. The guitar in this song sounds like early Strokes doing their best at imitating Sonic Youth. What sets "Top 10 Movie Scenes" apart from just being a throwback song is truly the vocals of Julia Vassallo. Her vocals are far more pop and smooth sounding than anything from twenty years ago. That helps propel Slow Fiction into sounding more current and aligned with the dance friendly punk of bands like Dehd and Dry Cleaning. This is a truly unique sound that you're going to want to jump on today before they become huge.

Slow Fiction says of their new single:

"Writing through a false lens allows you to put yourself in the minds of people you don’t know, and create storylines that don’t exist. The idea behind this track came about during a paranoid delusion… and a melody followed shortly after."

You can listen to "Top 10 Movie Scenes" below. Slow Fiction's self-titled EP is due out on February 16. For more on the band, check out their website.


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