Thursday, December 15, 2022

Jeff's Best of 2022 - #4: Summit Point. - Vulnerable

I always love when late-year releases are great, and even moreso when they come out of nowhere and blow me away.

Summit Point. is a duo from West Virginia, an amalgam of indie, dream pop, doomgaze, and the like. It's amazing: for an independent release to be produced this well, with such sure songwriting and such a pitch-perfect tone, it's rare, and the fact that Summit Point. pulls it off as well as they do is a testament to their efforts. Songs like "Victim Blaming" are raw and "Changes" reminiscent of so many classic shoegazey acts like Ringo Deathstarr. Like, this album was more than just a favorite of the year, but rekindled my love for all things hazy and heavy.

This album likely doesn't hit my radar 10 years ago, and it's proof positive that the internet makes magic happen where a New England music blog can stumble upon an indie act and accidentally discover one of the best records of 2022. Summit Point. deserves to be huge, and I hope this album makes it happen for them.

Songs of Note: "Change," "Settle," "Victim Blaming," "Reproach," "Memorial"

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