Monday, December 5, 2022

Weakened Friends Cover Kacey Musgraves

Photo by Adam Parshall

Kacey Musgraves is just one of those artists I'm not that familiar with, but if Weakened Friends are covering one of her songs I might have to check her out again! As part of this year's Something Merry covers compilation, the Maine trio have covered Musgraves' "Oh, What a World." The cover is this great alt-rock power ballad, the kind you don't really hear all that often. This song sounds like it was listed straight from the mid 90's when bands like Pearl Jam or Weezer would release these killer ballads that still rocked despite being on the slower side. Weakened Friends have given us this fuzzed out and jangly version of a country pop hit, and we're fully on board for this one.

You can listen to Weakened Friends take on "Oh, What a World" below. The song is on After Hour from Something Merry with all proceeds going to The Brigid Alliance, a referral-based service that provides travel, food, lodging, child care, and other logistical support for people seeking abortions. You can download the compilation (which also features Mint Green, Future Teens, and more) through Bandcamp. For more on Weakened Friends, check out their website.

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