Thursday, December 22, 2022

Cindy Lawson - "Hey Santa"

Rum Bar Records have become our go to for killer neo-garage rock and power pop, and this year they've been killing it with Christmas singles. The latest (that we've discovered, at least) is Cindy Lawson's "Hey Santa." The song has a slightly updated take on 60's rock and roll holiday classics with a little bit of 90's power pop injected into it. It reminds me a little of Go! era Letters to Cleo with the 90's slickness cut back and the 60's sound cranked up. It's a fun sounding song until you realize Lawson is asking Santa to do something about the environment and climate change. So... a little less fun than your average Christmas song, but it definitely has its place.

You can listen to "Hey Santa" below. The single is available via Rum Bar Records over at Bandcamp. It also includes a cover of "Mr. Scrooge" from The Orchids. For more on Cindy Lawson, check out the artist's website.

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