Friday, December 2, 2022

McKinley Dixon featuring Angelica Garcia - "Sun, I Rise"

Photo via Facebook

Since we last heard from McKinley Dixon, the rapper has relocated from Richmond, VA to Chicago. The move also signals a change in sound with his latest single "Sun, I Rise." The new song is much more orchestral and cinematic than we're used to, with live drums and keys throughout. Despite the live drums and keys, "Sun, I Rise" isn't a jazz based hip hop song. This is pure hip hop, just not with the typical musical backdrop. Plus, it features vocals by Angelica Garcia not just for the chorus but throughout the verses more as a backing instrument. Hip hop can be a fairly stagnant genre, and it's great to see an artist like McKinley Dixon expanding the genre's sound.

You can watch the video for "Sun, I Rise" below. The single is available now via City Slang, and can be purchased/streamed here. For more on McKinley Dixon, check out the artist's website.

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