Monday, December 14, 2020

Charming Disaster - "Driving to Idaho"

Folk/noir/gothic/cabaret duo Charming Disaster have just released a new single, and shockingly it's not holiday related, or about the supernatural. No, "Driving to Idaho" is a crime ballad. As the band says,
“Presenting a deliciously creepy road song for when plans go awry, things go dark, and your past is about to catch up with you. The Handsome Family meets the Manson Family in our latest single, 'Driving to Idaho.'” The song is about as creepy as you'd expect, encompassing both fairly mainstream folk and freak folk at the same time. It builds and builds in both intensity and paranoia, without the music changing all that much. Instead, Ellia Baker and Jeff Morris increase the intensity of the song with their vocals, while still trying to pretend they have their shit together.

You can listen to "Driving to Idaho" below. The song is available on Charming Disaster's Bandcamp. For more on Charming Disaster, check out the band's website.

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