Thursday, December 3, 2020

Saint Sister featuring Lisa Hannigan - "The Place That I Work"

Photo by Kevin Freeney

Dublin based duo Saint Sister have teamed with Lisa Hannigan for their latest single. The resulting song is "The Place That I Work," a nearly a capella Irish ballad. It's a modern version of a very traditional song, with the only instruments being strings, synthesizers, and birdsong nearly hidden in the background. This keeps the traditional feeling of the song intact while helping it sound modern and current. The result is an impossibly beautiful song you're going to become quietly obsessed with.

Saint Sister's Morgan MacIntyre explains the story behing "The Place That I Work":

“I wrote this song while I was working as a Christmas temp in Dublin’s oldest book shop, Hodges Figgis. One day a friend, who I hadn’t seen since we had a misunderstanding, came in and caught me completely off guard. I was, all at once, angry that we hadn’t talked for months and that they had chosen now, to come to where I worked to make peace, but also undeniably relieved and happy to see them, to know we were still friends.”

You can watch the video for "The Place That I Work" below. Saint Sister have a new album due out in 2021. For more on Saint Sister, check out the artist's website.

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