Monday, December 14, 2020

Ed Balloon - I Hate It Here

Despite not being a fan of modern R&B, I've been an Ed Balloon fan for a few years now. That's because Balloon brings such a unique and interesting style to a genre that's typically anything but. He recently released a new EP, I Hate It Here. As with any of Balloon's releases, there is one standout, mind blowing track. This time around it's "Bad Gyall." This song is like a noise rock version of R&B. It's still R&B, but it's aggressive, and loud, and in your face, basically everything R&B isn't. If R&B went punk, it would be "Bad Gyall." While that might be my personal favorite song on I Hate It Here, there is plenty to love on the EP. "I Need This Cash" is more traditional sounding, if an industrial band like Ministry went back to their New Wave roots and tweaked their sound to include both. "Lonely A$$" is a bizarro jam that (as the kids say) slaps.

You can listen to "Bad Gyall" below. I Hate It Here is available now via Deathbomb Arc's Bandcamp. For more on Ed Balloon, check out the artist's Facebook and Twitter.

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