Friday, December 4, 2020

The Actions - "Leap"

Trip hop is a genre that really should be ready for a comeback now, and if it does happen it could be thanks to The Actions. The Bristol based duo have released a new single, "Leap." "Leap" is, as with most trip hop, a chilled out electronic track. But, as with all truly great trip hop, it's hardly a relaxing song. There is an element of an electronic buzz slinking throughout the song creating a dark, foreboding vibe. The song seems to meander about, sometimes typical electronic style music, and then with these bursts of noise. It creates this intense feeling, and we think you're going to love this.

You can listen to "Leap" below. Flourish, the upcoming album from The Actions, will be out February 15 on Niteo Records. You can pre-order a copy on the band's Bandcamp. For more on The Actions, check out their website.

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