Thursday, December 24, 2020

Fantasy Non Fiction - "Over It (and it's Christmas Eve)"

For their Christmas song, New Orleans's Fantasy Non Fiction have traded in their alt-rock/pop sound for a much more contemplative, quiet one. "Over It (and it's Christmas Eve)" sees bandleader Rose Cangelosi stepping out from behind the drum kit and over to the piano. This is a bummer of a Christmas song, with Cangelosi reflecting on a troubled relationship on Christmas Eve. The song is solely Cangelosi and the piano, and sounds much more like a cabaret standard than Fantasy Non Fiction's normal sound.

Rose Cangelosi says of the new song: “This song is my ‘River.’ I wrote it last year around the time I was having some issues with my partner and the holiday spirit was haunting me. I haven’t been super into Christmas for a while, I’m in a place where I really appreciate chosen family potlucks more than sudo-religious capitalistic traditions. My favorite verse is the one about inviting your demons to tea. Its based off of a story my favorite spiritual teacher, Tara Brach, shared. When the meddling demon god Mara shows his face, Buddha invites him for tea instead of being afraid. In my reflection, my demons accept the invitation and then taunt me for not feeding them- sounds about right!” 

You can watch the video for "Over It (and it's Christmas Eve)" below. For more on Fantasy Non Fiction, check out the band's website.

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