Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Jessi Mac - "Bedroom Years"

When you first hear "Bedroom Years," the latest single from London's Jessi Mac, it sounds like dream pop, with the emphasis on pop. It's a quiet, lovely little song with gently strummed guitars and piano tinkles. And if it was that, it would still be a great song and immensely captivating. But during this time, the instruments hint at what is to come. After the first minute, the guitars start crashing in. "Bedroom Years" is still a lovely, emotive song propelled by singer Jessi McDonald's vocals, but the heavier guitars help propel the song into an edgier territory.

Jessi McDonald says of the song: “‘Bedroom Years’ is sodden with my existential feelings of insignificance. I think when you are in suspense of becoming an adult, the cold realities of the real world can be pretty overwhelming.”

You can listen to "Bedroom Years" below. Border Lines, the upcoming EP from Jessi Mac, will be out February 4. For more on Jessi Mac, check out the band's Instagram.

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