Monday, December 7, 2020

Chris Brokaw - "The Heart of Human Trafficking"

I've long held the belief that Chris Brokaw is the most underrated musician working today. He's been in bands like Come, Codeine, and The Lemonheads, and played along side with Thurston Moore and GG Allin. All those alone should make you a legend, but then there's his solo work. Lately his solo work has been acoustic or experimental soundscapes, but with his latest single he's back to flat out rocking. "The Heart of Human Trafficking" is an absolute epic. Coming in at over seven minutes long, the song is a fast paced, driving anthem perfect for fans of 90's indie rock. As expected, the guitar work is the focus of the song, and just continues swirling and swirling along, keeping everything into one single, tight unit even as it tries to break free on its own. We're not even into 2021 yet and we already have a strong contender for song of next year.

You can listen to "The Heart of Human Trafficking" below. Puritan, the upcoming album from Chris Brokaw, will be out January 15. You can pre-order a copy via Bandcamp. For more on Chris Brokaw, check out his website.


  1. A captivating earworm. Even at 7 minutes, I can't get enough of it and find I need to play it over and over - as you said, it flat out rocks and is an absolute epic.