Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Ken's Best of 2020 - #5: The Bobby Lees - Skin Suit

I first discovered The Bobby Lees back in February. We received a promo email mentioning that their upcoming album was produced by Jon Spencer, which is going to grab my attention. I listened to "Coin" once and became instantly obsessed with the Woodstock, NY band. Their blend of punked up dirty blues (with an emphasis on the punk) is one of my soft spots for music. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion influence is heavy on Skin Suit, but not overwhelming. The Bobby Lees take JSBX's sound and go off in their own heavier, more intense direction. As I started falling down a rabbit hole of my new musical obsession, I went to their tour dates to see if they were playing near me. That's when I realized they had played the night before at O'Brien's in Boston with two other bands I like (Zip-Tie Handcuffs and Baabes). No big deal, upstate NY is semi-local, so I'm sure they'd be back soon, especially with a new album. Oh, 2020, great dasher of dreams... That could be one of the reasons I've locked onto this album so much. And ending with insanely great covers of "I'm a Man" and "Blank Generation" certainly doesn't hurt.

Songs of note: "Move," "Coin," "Guttermilk," "Riddle Daddy," "Wendy," and "Drive"

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