Thursday, December 24, 2020

Charles Ellsworth - "Max & Geraldine"

Photo via Facebook

I gushed about Charles Ellsworth's single "Blessed" when that one came out. It had a great unique sound that put the alt back in alt-country. His newest single, "Max & Geraldine," has a much more traditional country feel to it. While it's not quite as alt, you're still going to love "Max & Geraldine." It sounds like if Bob Dylan was in his 20's now and was heavily influenced by 90's Wilco and Tom Petty, and decided to write a hit song. It's slightly rambling, and is a solid country rocker.

You can listen to "Max & Geraldine" below. Honeysuckle Summer, the upcoming album from Charles Ellsworth, will be out March 5 on Burro Borracho Records. For more on Charles Ellsworth, check out the artist's website.

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