Thursday, December 17, 2020

Ken's Best of 2020 - #4: Little Hag - Whatever Happened to Avery Jane?

One day late in the summer I started seeing posts from a musical artist named Little Hag on Facebook. I figured I would remember following someone with that name, so I did a little digging. Turns out Little Hag used to be Avery Mandeville of Avery Jane and the Mandevilles, who I discovered while making a Artists of New Jersey playlist for a family vacation. Discovering Little Hag was one of the true joys of 2020. I listened to Whatever Happened to Avery Jane? almost daily for the first few weeks after it was released. 

Whatever Happened to Avery Jane? is this perfect blend of pop and indie rock. It has this wonderful sense of humor that I simply can't resist, even though I'm probably (definitely) too old to love this album as much as I do. "Tetris" helps solidify that feeling with lyrics like "Everyone wants to fuck me / No one wants to see me cry" and "Text bitches 'til your eyes fall out." This is the kind of album that has me checking concert dates in Asbury Park to turn another family trip for donuts and tacos into a pilgrimage to see Little Hag... someday.

Songs of note: "Tetris," "Facebook," "No More Dick Pix," "Alexander," and "Encore - Live in Asbury Park"

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