Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Aaron Lee Tasjan - "Feminine Walk"

Photo via Facebook

Aaron Lee Tasjan is making some of the most interesting and unique country inflected music out there. Tasjan's latest single, "Feminine Walk," isn't going to be for country purists. That's mainly because it isn't straight up country. It's a really diverse blend of alt-country, 80's pop, and 70's classic rock. It sounds completely modern and current while still having some throwback vibes from decades ago. The closest comparison I can come to is if David Bowie followed up his weirdo 70's phase with an 80's country phase.

You can listen to "Feminine Walk" below. Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!, the upcoming album from Aaron Lee Tasjan, will be out February 5 on New West Records. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Aaron Lee Tasjan, check out the artist's website.

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