Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Mento Buru - "Donde Esta Santa Claus?"

Photo by Jeremy Gonzalez

Central California's Mento Buru have been playing their unique blend of Latin ska since 1992. The band has just released an EP of Christmas songs. The first single, "Donde Esta Santa Claus?," is a laid back ska song that doesn't sound very Christmas-y, except for the lyrics. The new song is about Santa Claus, so it's obviously a Christmas song, but there is nary a jingle bell to be heard. It's a great way to listen to Christmas music without alerting any co-workers. Plus, Latin music and ska go together so incredibly well, I can't believe I haven't heard this combination before.

Drummer Cesareo Garasa says of the new song: “When you watch the video, you’ll see a lot of people smiling. There’s a reason for that. The sessions went really quickly, around 20 hours over four days, and were inspired by not only what Christmas means to each of us, but the positivity and excitement we all felt as it all came together. There was a real festive, communal feeling making this EP and it shows.”

You can watch the video for "Donde Esta Santa Claus?" below. East Bakersfield Christmas, the new EP from Mento Buro, is out now. For more on Mento Buro, check them out on Facebook.

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