Friday, December 4, 2020

DD Darillo - "Time Will Tell"

Photo via Facebook

The debut single from Dylan Morgan's new musical project DD Darillo is an interesting one. "Time Will Tell" main components might be two of the most wildly different styles ever smushed together. The main thing you're going to hear is psychedelia. DD Darillo is dripping in 70's style psychedelia. It's psychedelic, but in a straightforward rock kinda way, not in a weirdo way. But there's a distinctly 80's vibe to "Time Will Tell." Sure, there are some synths, but what didn't have synths in the 80's? This is more of a Dire Straits/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 80's feel. This could be a mess, but DD Darillo channel these two sounds into a cohesive song that you're going to want on repeat.

You can watch the video for "Time Will Tell" below. For more on DD Darillo, check out the band on Twitter and Facebook.

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