Friday, December 18, 2020

Ken's Best of 2020 - #3: Sapling - No Sequoia

Sapling may be a hyper local to us Massachusetts punk band, but their release No Sequoia has been out all but three other releases on my top albums of the year list. How, you may ask? Obviously, it's a great album. But Sapling tap into my absolute favorite type of punk. It's not badass hardcore that will scare you with a threat of violence. Instead, Sapling will relentlessly mock you into nonexistence. The songs on No Sequoia are noisy, loud, obnoxious, and in your face. But they also have a killer groove and are some of the catchiest you will hear all year. They capture this amazing middle ground between noise punk that's purely noise and noise punk that's electronic noise. The songs bounce wildly from silly and fun to deadly serious and political, usually in the same song. Plus, you can dance to it, as long as you agree to mock the same people they do.

Songs of note: "Bikini BDRK," "Maria vs. Machine Maria," "Bitchshifter," "Everything Was Better," "Nice Guy," and "Fuck this Yuppie Barbeque"

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