Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Gray Bouchard & The Dedications Cover Stevie Wonder

"Someday At Christmas" is a classic song, but let's face it: It's about as hokey as Christmas music gets, which is pretty hokey. Stevie Wonder's brilliance is impossible to question, and the dream of peace is shared by everyone, but this just isn't my favorite Stevie Wonder song. This is where Gray Bouchard & The Dedications come in. They turn "Someday At Christmas" from a twee little carol into a rocker. In fact, this might be the heaviest we've heard The Dedications sound. This is a crunchy hard rock song more aligned with Bouchard's other band, Salem Wolves. The true joy of this version of "Someday At Christmas" is it keeps all the sentimentality of the original but transforms it into a grunge/80's metal power ballad, which I didn't think was a physically possible combination, but I've been proven wrong.

Gray Bouchard explains his choice of a cover:

“The fact is -- in spite of being a Jewish and generally non-religious fellah -- I really enjoy holiday songs, especially those from the 20th century. I like the naked sentimentality of them. They give you the license to really live in the feeling of wistful joy without cynicism. When you sing them, it’s a bridge between being a child and an adult. In one song, you can reflect on the holidays you’ve shared with family and friends, feel hope for the future, and cherish the gifts of the present.”

You can listen to Gray Bouchard & The Dedications' take on "Someday At Christmas" below. The song is available via the band's Bandcamp. For more on Gray Bouchard & The Dedications, check them out on Facebook.

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