Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Beth // James - "Boy Genius"

Photo by Madeline Northway

Beth // James is the husband and wife duo of Mikaela Beth and Jordan James Burchill. The Austin, TX based duo met at the jazz program of University of North Texas, just released a single that is a magical blend of modern folk and indie pop and rock. "Boy Genius" is an absolutely lovely song based in roots and Americana with some savvy pop hooks. The song is set in a fictional bar in South Austin and is musically inspired by Fleetwood Mac, especially in the harmonies between Beth and James. It's truly the harmonies that elevate this song into something truly special.

You can listen to "Boy Genius" below. Get Together is due out June 3. For more on Beth // James, check out the artist's website.

1 comment:

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