Thursday, March 3, 2022

Salem Wolves - "Breaking Grounds"

Photo by Erin Patton

I don't know if any band we've been following has evolved so much while still keeping their sound intact the way Salem Wolves have. The band's new line up continues to impress more with each song. "Breaking Grounds" is their latest, and possibly best, release. Gray Bouchard and company still have that arena ready garage rock, but lately they've been going heavier enough to border metal while also going more pop at the same time. They're doing this without being even remotely pop metal (either the 80's kind or the current version of pop metal). Bouchard has been going a little more pop with his other band The Dedications, and those pop hooks are starting to filter into Salem Wolves more than a little. It's rare for a band's sound to evolve this much while still sounding like what you first loved about them, but Salem Wolves pull it off impeccably. 

Gray Bouchard says of the new single:

"It's that feeling that you're the last person alive in a dangerous land, and that land is inside your own head."

You can listen to "Breaking Grounds" below. For more on Salem Wolves, check out the band's website.

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