Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Wet Leg - "Angelica"

Photo via Facebook

A little while back my daughter told me about a comment she saw on Wet Leg's TikTok. Someone asked why so many dads were into this band that then got their kids into them. I laughed, since that's exactly what happened with us.

Their latest single shows why Wet Leg is so beloved by hipster dads and their kids. "Angelica" has that upbeat indie pop sound that is all the rage with the cooler youngsters these days. It's very dance friendly, and while it doesn't sound like anything on top 40 radio (at least I assume it doesn't?), there is some serious pop appeal here. But "Angelica" isn't a pure pop song. There is some true indie rock noise and controlled chaos here, plus that rambling feel of a band like Pavement. The song also has some of that 90's Britpop vibe you got with a band like Elastica and Blur. Wet Leg are a rare band with some serious cross generational appeal.

You can watch the video for "Angelica" below. Wet Leg's self-titled debut is due out April 8 on Domino Records, and can be pre-ordered/pre-saved here. For more on Wet Leg, check out their website.

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