Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Jaguero - "Negative, Awesome!"

Photo courtesy of Jaguero

Italy's Jaguero have released a song that I think we can all relate to more than we'd like. "Negative, Awesome!" is a song that starts off combining pop punk with early Phil Spector style rock 'n' roll. It's that bouncy feel and all the hallmarks of pop punk, but with vocal harmonies you'd normally find in doo wop. That enough would make "Negative, Awesome!" be one one of the more engaging and unique pop punk songs of the year, but then they thrown in a barrage of metal for the chorus which was unexpectedly awesome.

Now to the relatable part. As the band says:

"'Negative, Awesome!' deals with the concept of balance: every day, we all face our commitments, our hobbies, our jobs, pretending that everything is ok and that this routine is fine for us. In reality, this is consuming us slowly, and we are so absorbed by this process that we are not able to wake up and realize it.It's okay to accept also the negative parts of ourselves, because they perfectly co-exists with the positive ones. This is just who we are: a complex spectrum that goes from a bright side to a darker one."

You can listen to "Negative, Awesome!" below. Jaguero's first EP is due out in April on Epidemic Records. For more on Jaguero, check out the band's Facebook and Instagram.

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