Friday, April 19, 2024

Derek Smith and the Cosmic Vultures - "White Spade Symphony"

Photo courtesy of the band

The latest psychedelic rocker from Derek Smith and the Cosmic Vultures is larger in scope than you normally get from the Boston music scene. Boston is the kind of city that remains working class and doesn't typically reward ambition. Don't tell that to these guys since "White Spade Symphony" is an absolute epic. It combines alt-rock with psychedelia and Americana in a huge sounding song just waiting to be played at the biggest stages around. (Or at least some outdoor festivals.) "White Spade Symphony" starts off simply enough as a mid-tempo psych-rocker perfect for the smaller clubs around town, but around the halfway mark the song just takes off with a blistering guitar solo that elevates the song to epic territory. This is the level of artists like Band of Horses or Kings of Leon's first two albums. It's the kind of bridge that will leave you with your jaw on the floor, and the song just goes from there, and somehow does this all in under four minutes.

Derek Smith says of his band's latest single:

“One can argue that the song is trying to convey some deep meaning about isolation and nihilism. Or you can simply listen to it as a composed piece of music with no real message. ‘White Spade’ could be a play on words in relation to a ‘black sheep’ or an ‘outcast’ or it could just be random. I will let the user decide whatever they want. Whatever they want it to be. I am becoming more infatuated with the prospect of writing riddles and uncertain meanings. I’ve never been a huge fan of songs that just come out and tell you what is going on, unless that’s the point of the song. Being cryptic is more fun.”

You can listen to "White Spade Symphony" below. The song is currently available through Bandcamp. For more on Derek Smith and the Cosmic Vultures, check out the band's website.

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