Friday, April 12, 2024

We Demand Parachutes - "Cheerful Coping"

Photo by Mickey Renger

As my music snobbery comes to terms with enjoying pop punk, Boston and Brooklyn's We Demand Parachutes comes out with a new single. "Cheerful Coping" is a burst of pop punk energy filled with everything that defines the genre. It's catchy and bouncy with just enough attitude to make it still be considered punk. What makes "Cheerful Coping" stand out from the attitude is that there's enough mid-90's alt-rock and power pop in there to help refresh the genre a bit. Plus, there is definitely some early emo influence here, going back to when it was known as emotional hardcore. In a genre overflowing with bands that sound like every other band, We Demand Parachutes continues to stand out.

We Demand Parachutes say of their latest single:

“‘Cheerful Coping’ is the story of the underdog. There is something powerful in having a mindset of resilience. Like the rest of the world, the three of us have all had some wild life happen these past couple of years. As a band, we’ve adopted the mantra, ‘Cheerful Coping.’ The world’s getting weirder. We think it’s important to keep that positive mindset and keep driving through the obstacles. Life is going to knock you down; you’ve gotta keep standing back up.”

You can listen to "Cheerful Coping" below. For more on We Demand Parachutes, check out the band's website.

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