Wednesday, April 10, 2024

First Listen: New Releases for 5 April 2024

Artist: Bob Vylan
Album: Humble as the Sun
Quick Thoughts: Lather, rinse, repeat: I listen to a Bob Vylan album, I'm blown away, I kick myself for not listening to more Bob Vylan. This album continues the duo's undefeated streak of socially-conscious party-style bangers, with winner after winner after winner. Great samples, great lyricism, great everything - "Reign" feels so different from "Right Here," but somehow still feels absolutely distinctly Bob Vylan. Do not miss this.
Songs of Note: "Reign," "GYAG (Get Yourself a Gun)," "Right Here," "He's a Man," "Ring the Alarm"

Artist: Soft Loft
Album: The Party and The Mess
Quick Thoughts: One from earlier this year, this has a really fascinating sound reminiscent of Bear Glass and Noble Dust in a folk-rockish lane. Songs like "Little Less" feel like they could fall apart and break at any moment, but the album holds itself together with intensity and drive that a lot of music lacks. This is just great music, don't miss out.
Songs of Note: "Little Less," "Late," "Is It Me," "Summer Sadness," "Bathroom Floor," "Rose Colored"

Artist: Cuffed Up
Album: All You Got
Quick Thoughts: I've been addicted to "Little Wins," an advance single from All You Got, for a few months now. Cuffed Up's specialty is epic, driving rock music with hooks for days, and each song works with an urgency and enthusiasm that sets it apart from other indie rock acts. Make time for this one, it's a highlight of the week.
Songs of Note: "Small Fry," "Little Wins," "Mock Dance," "Meet the End"

Artist: Dead Pony
Quick Thoughts: Dead Pony has yet to fail me. On each one-off single we've gotten from the band since 2020, it's been a hook-laden rock masterpiece with a different feel. IGNORE THIS is their first proper album, and of the complete songs on the record, "MK Nothing" and "RAINBOWS" both provide the sort of anthemic rock that felt fully formed from the moment "Everything is Easy" hit streamers during the pandemic. Dead Pony is a band to watch, as they're good enough to perhaps explode on the scene.
Songs of Note: "MK Nothing," "About Love," "COBRA," "RAINBOWS," "Bad Girlfriend"

Artist: The Black Keys
Album: Ohio Players
Quick Thoughts: Reviewing a Black Keys record feels superfluous in this era, because they're so well-known at this point and carry the garage/blues rock torch like no other. This new album, with few exceptions, is more of the same high-quality, memorable music across the board, and it isn't afraid to both stay in familiar ground (like "Don't Let Me Go") while trying something different (like "Paper Crown"). You can't go wrong with this on a whole.
Songs of Note: "Don't Let Me Go," "Beautiful People (Stay High)," "On the Game," "Please Me (Till I'm Satisfied)," "Paper Crown," "Fever Tree"

Of note:

* Old 97s - American Primitive (Old 97s don't ever miss.)
* BLUAI - Save It For Later (Gentle-ish indie pop-rock with a ton of great moments.)
Amblare - Amblare
* Ben Nicholls - Duets
* Varg2tm - Nordic Flora Series, Pt. 6:L Outlaw Music
* Still Corners - Dream Talk
* Caleb Landry Jones - Hey Gary, Hey Dawn
* Drahla - angeltape
* Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - Rampen (apm: alien pop music)
* The KVB - Tremors
* Phosphorescent - Revelator
* Annie-Claude Deschenes - LES MANIERES DE TABLE
* John Moreland - Visitor
* blood pact - solace
* Conan Gray - Found Heaven
* Grace Cummings - Ramona
* Katie Pruitt - Mantras
* Ugly (UK) - Twice Around the Sun
* LipStitch - Let's Talk
* Kapsoul - ASCENT
* Pye Corner Audio - The Endless Echo
* Jane Weaver - Love in Constant Spectacle
* Alena Spanger - Fire Escape
* Vampire Weekend - Only God Was Above Us
* Mount Kimbie - The Sunset Violent
* Marv Won - I'm Fine, Thanks for Asking
* Vegyn - The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions
* Vessel - Wrapped in Cellophane
* Lily Piette - Her Computerized Machinery Complex
* Wine Lips - Super Mega Ultra
* Elizah Ivy - Splintered Faith
* Gustaf - Package Pt. 2
* Bnny - One Million Love Songs
* Lillie West and Lala Lala - if i were a real man i would be able to break the neck of a suffering bird
* Kate Clover - The Apocalypse Dream
* Dana Gavanski - LATE SLAP
* Saint Abdullah and Eomac - Light meteors crashing around you will not confuse you


* Woods - Five More Flowers EP
* Jane Penny - Surfacing
* Venus Love - It'z Naut Me It'z U
* Wisp - Pandora
* Crush Fund - New Fixation
* Circles Around the Sun and Mikaela Davis - After Sunrise
* Allison Ponthier - Lie Detector
* Ther - godzilla
* UNIIQU3 and Black Caviar - Ramen Noodles
* Bad Hammer - Bad Hammer
* NA - Paradise Valley
* poolblood - there'
* DSRT MTHR - dark
* Griff - ver2go vol. 2

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Empanadas Ilegales - Creepy Mambo: Rooftop Sessions

Also out:

* Fabiana Palladino - Fabiana Palladino
* Khruangbin - A LA SALA
* Novo Amor - Collapse List
* Feeder - Black / Red

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