Monday, April 8, 2024

Saigon & Fredro featuring Kool G Rap - "Make Money"

Saigon & Fredro's collaborative album meant as a tribute to the golden age of hip hop (1986 to 1996) just released a new chapter with "Make Money." The song features Kool G Rap, the legendary MC who might be the most underrated of all hip hop legends. As with the other songs we've already heard from The Jordan Era, "Make Money" sounds like it could have come straight from that time period. This is just pure old school hip hop, and it's a perfect tribute to my personal favorite era of rap. This one may sound a little more modern than their previous singles, but Saigon and Fredro have nailed the sound of The Jordan Era perfectly.

Saigon says of his latest single:

“G Rap and I have a long-standing artistic history and I’m beyond impressed how he has been this dope, for this long. He is my favorite rapper, so it's always a blessing to rap alongside him.  He doesn’t miss a step.” 

You can listen to "Make Money" below. The Jordan Era is due out May 3 on Payday Records. For more on Saigon, check out the artist on Instagram and Twitter. Fredro can also be found on Instagram and Twitter.

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